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bottles 17, October 2014

What’s So Great About A Bottle Bill?

Water bottles have become so synonymous in our daily lives that one can be forgiven for forgetting that the...

litteringand 09, October 2014

Are fines for improper waste disposal the best tactic for increasing recycling rates?

In wake of The Seattle City Council passing a new ordinance on Monday that could mean $1 fines for...

office 09, October 2014

How Businesses Can Help Employees Increase Recycling Rates in the Office

It’s partially a company’s responsibility to ensure that their employees are being environmentally responsible. Recycling at work and at...

coffee 02, October 2014

Ways to Reuse Coffee – And Why It’s Much More than Just a Pick Me Up

 Coffee is a pretty amazing thing, besides providing the fuel for many of us to be functioning human beings...

toilet paper 26, September 2014

Recycled Toilet Paper – Saving the Environment one Wipe at a Time

When it comes to toilet paper most people don’t think “green” (well…depending on what you eat) – but in...

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newmexico 23, September 2014

New Mexico Recycling and Waste Conference 2014 – Integrating Solutions

Hosted by The New Mexico Recycling Coalition & the New Mexico SWANA Roadrunner Chapter, the New Mexico Recycling and...

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RCA 19, September 2014

Recycling Council of Alberta (RCA) Conference 2014 – A Waste Reduction Expedition

The Recycling Council of Alberta is one busy organization on a mission to promote and facilitate waste reduction, recycling and...

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Child Writing a Blog 15, September 2014

When in Drought – Should I Rinse My Recycling Out?

The state of California has been dealing with one of the most severe droughts on record, before and after...

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wing house 12, September 2014

Sustainable Structures – Going Big with Recycled Buildings

It’s truly astounding what people can do with sustainability, design and the right vision. Larger than life structures can...

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Child Writing a Blog 05, September 2014

The Power of Design – Recycling at Its Best

Well-designed environments create better behaviors. A combination of a beautifully designed space coupled with easily accessible, properly labeled, and...

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