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$11.5 billion is spent every year to clean up litter in our streets.

The TRC Waste & Recycling bin is the classic multi-purpose container that has the ability to collect a large variety of materials indoors and out. The sturdy handles make disposal and maneuverability a simple task, as does the optional wheel kit for travelling long distances.






The TRC Recycling & Waste Pails includes:

• Multiple lid options
• Custom hot stamping
• Multi material collection
• 3 size options

Find all the specifications you need about the TRC Recycling & Waste Pails with the spec sheets located below.

Looking for accessories for the TRC Series? Below are the available add-ons for this product:

  • Custom Colors
  • Custom Labels
  • Flat lid (20 & 25 Gallon)
  • Rounded lids (32 Gallon)
  • Wheels (32 Gallon)
  • Lid openings
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