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The sustainability team at Walt Disney determined that about 25 steps was the maximum distance anyone would walk to throw something away.

Put an end to littering with the stylish Uptown Series recycling & waste stations. Now available in three streams, the Uptown is a durable, customizable and effective station for large, centralized collection of multiple and single streams.





The Uptown Series includes:

  • Modified openings that fit any stream
  • Interior deflectors that prevent cross contamination and properly sorts material
  • A weighted base for stability
  • Locks for increased security
  • 32 gallon liners

Find all the specifications you need about the Uptown Series with the spec sheets located below.

Looking for accessories for the Uptown Series? Below are the available add-ons for this product:

  • Labels
  • Ground mounting kits
  • Custom stamped ID plates
  • Interchangeable doors to customize appearance
  • Graphics
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