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  • Boka Clear Stainless Steel Bin
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Well-designed recycling programs increase recycling rates and save money. Well-designed recycling bins in a complementary space do the same!

The Boka Series Recycling Containers are manufactured to suit modern environments that encourage recycling without sacrificing design. Its high-quality steel frame and modern labeling combine to make a remarkably sleek design that subtly gets results.


Stainless Steel

The Boka Series includes:

  • Available in single, double and triple stream options
  • Comes equipped with pivoted bag frames, hinged lid and triangle lock
  • Lid is designed to extinguish bin fires by directing combustible gasses and cutting off oxygen
  • Adjustable feet for uneven surfaces
  • Lockable and keyed alike


Find all the specifications you need about the Boka Series with the spec sheet located below.

Looking for accessories for the Boka Series? Below are the available add-ons for this product:

  • Custom Labeling
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