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Lackawanna Trail Elementary


When I was approached by two fifth grade students who were interested in beginning a recycling programs at our school I wanted to act quickly to acknowledge their effort and motivation to better our school and the environment. Although there were other recycling efforts already in place at the school, the students were not contributing to it and were eager to get more involved.

The students found the Busch Systems website and were very interested in the products. We contacted Busch Systems about our idea and there were very open to supporting our efforts. We chose to use the KIDZ Waste Watcher Bins.

Emma and Kayla were excited to see the Waste Watcher bins arrive and began to plan how they would be used in the school to increase recycling efforts in the building. They started by meeting with the head of maintenance to discuss the best locations for each of the bins. With the plan in place the bins were placed in the designated areas. The kid-friendly stickers made the bins a nice addition to our hallways and our students are already showing interest in becoming involved in the recycling efforts.

This year the school has decided to focus on the recycling of cans, bottles and paper. However, Emma and Kayla have bigger goals for the future. They were not satisfied with our local waste management due to the restrictions on the kinds of items accepted. Emma and Kayla are committed to looking for alternatives and broadening the scope of our recycling efforts for next year!

We are beyond satisfied with the customer service we received from Busch Systems. Not only do the Waste Watcher bins look amazing, they helped foster the genuine passion and commitment to recycling displayed by Kayla and Emma.

– Brian Kelly, Lackawanna Trail Elementary Center Principal