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Bentall Centre


Bentall Centre’s ongoing journey and commitment to sustainability in all aspects of our daily operations means continually working on our waste plan to ‘Reduce, Recycle and Reuse’! Our waste diversion rate in 2010 increased from 38% to 92% in 2015. We couldn’t have done it without Busch Systems. Every recycling bin that we use at the centre is from Busch Systems, over the years Busch Systems has supplied us with the following bins to make it easy and user friendly:

• 200 mini max 5.5 – 603 composters
• 400 mini max 13.25 – 603 composters
• 250 – BC 300-11 – composters on wheels
• 6000 – hanging baskets
• 500 – battery bins
• 12 – Waste watchers (slim jims)
• 8 – Aristat recycling units
• 4 – CDC-44

All of these purchases were made possible with the help of Brandon Rutledge and Terri Mainprize!…[And] Can’t forget about Caryn who has been awesome and extremely efficient with our recent order and bringing this Ambassador Program to our attention! Thanks Caryn!