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Waste Audit Review at The Sandbox Centre



The Busch Systems Waste Diversion team is working with The Sandbox Centre to help them reach their sustainability goals. One aspect the organization is working towards is improving their Waste diversion rate. Syvannah and Lindsay worked with The Sandbox Centre to complete a waste audit in order to identify challenges the organization was facing. The waste audit revealed that contamination among the recycling streams was a challenge the organization was facing. To solve this problem, the Waste Diversion team worked with the Sandbox Centre to develop custom signage to help users recycle tricky items in order to reduce contamination rates. The waste audit also revealed that 1/3 of material was organic waste so if this material was properly diverted it would increase diversion rates from 37% to 70%.

Busch Systems is excited to continue this journey with The Sandbox Centre to see how they increase their Diversion Rate and work towards their Sustainability goals!

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