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Station Audit

Required Materials

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Yes, it is a short list of materials! But don't underestimate its importance! These are the items that we could not live without on Station Audit Day!

So, What Do You Need?

Collecting these items ahead of time will help to ensure that your audit is as effective as possible and runs as smoothly as possible. Here are the items we think you'll need during your Station Audit:

  • The Station Audit Template. We've created this template for you to make collecting data simple and efficient.
  • Clipboard(s). Snap in the Audit Template, and you're ready to record data!
  • Pen(s). To write down the data, of course!
  • Camera(s). Document the experience so that you can share and promote it later!

Please Note! You may be entering departments of your organization that require certain Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Always wear any and all PPE required as outlined by your organization. If you are unsure as to whether or not certain areas require PPE, consult your Human Resources Representative before beginning your audit!

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