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Resource Center Version 1.3

Syvannah Vine | July 17th, 2018

Busch Systems is excited to announce the release of Version 1.3 of the Resource Center! See below for the list of updates.


Below are the updates for Version 1.3 of the Resource Center:

Oboarding: The new onboarding experience makes getting set up on the Resource Center quick and simple. As a first time user, the onboarding and tutorial segments provide you with a thorough step by step explanation of the set up process. Interactive videos and navigation give you the chance to delve into the Resource Center and explore an account that has already been set up to familiarize yourself with the various tools and resources.

Office Space Calculator: The new office space calculator performs calculations that provide you with recommendations on the number of containers, and the size of these containers to have the most effective program for your facility. Just provide the population of your facility, number of rooms, the streams you collect, and let the Resource Center tell you exactly what you need!

Location Update: With the addition of a third tier, locations now allow you the ability to customize your facility even further. This updated program structure, allows you to have multiple locations segmenting your overall organization, and really hone in your recycling efforts to target areas.

Blog Notifications: Never miss a beat and get notifications on latest blogs! Stay informed on environmental hot topics and interesting reads on all things recycling, written by our very own Busch Environmentalists.

Insights: Get notified on ways to improve your recycling efforts within your organization and any possible drawbacks you might be experiencing. To better catch your attention, insights from the Resource Center will be provided to you as a notification, so you can see exactly how you can improve your program! Examples include your diversion rates have improved or you require more containers to achieve a higher recycling rate.

Updated Design: The fresh updated design makes the user experience of the Resource Center more appealing and easier to navigate. The responsiveness of the Resource Center has been improved, so that it can be displayed ideally across all desktops, tablets, and smartphone.

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