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Recycling In The Food Service Industry

Hi everyone! Thank you for joining us in our video series, Green Thinking.

I am Syvannah; waste diversion specialist here at Busch Systems, and I am joined today with my new partner in sustainability, Lindsay. With background knowledge in environmental science & studies, Lindsay will be joining me on all things waste diversion. Welcome Lindsay!

Thanks Syvannah! For the month of November, we are exploring the topic of sustainable food service at conference and convention centers.

Experts predict that at the average conference as much as HALF of the food isn’t used! If that wasn’t bad enough, most of this food waste will end up in the landfill when it could be donated or composted. This takes a huge toll on our environment and natural resources!

These types of events can be more sustainable! Please join Lindsay and myself for our free webinar on November 27th at 1:30 EST. We will be diving in on how to make your next conference event a sustainable one. We will be joined this month by special guest Kimberly Smith; who, as Director of Conferences and Events with AASHE, has been ensuring her events are sustainable for years! We can’t wait for you to hear what she has to say on her successes in planning green conferences and suggestions on how you can do the same. Please joins us by registering through the link below in the description.

Thanks for watching!

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