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Eco-Conscious Offices – The Perfect Waste & Recycling Bin Combo Has Been Found

Matt Bradbury | May 5th, 2015

Keep America Beautiful have just released the results of their “Recycling at Work” research study to figure out which combination of bins work best in an office environment.

Conducted over a six month period in 2014, KAB used the study to help encourage more recycling in office environments, improving behaviors and habits to help increase the rate of collection

A total of 34 offices in Atlanta, Boston, Houston and San Diego were randomly given one the following recycling scenarios:

1. Two equal-sized deskside recycling and waste bins

2. Recycling bin only at deskside

3. A combination of little trash bin attached to larger recycling bin

4. Current recycling and waste system was kept the same

The best practices determined by the study to improve recycling were:

    Providing employees with a desk-side recycling bins along with small trash bin dubbed the “Little Trash” scenario For common areas, recycling and trash bins need to be paired with simple, consistent signage located on the bins Common recyclables should be identified on both signage located on bins as well as posters put up around the workplace.

      One huge discovery from this study is the proper combination of bins for desk-side recycling has been determined.

      The “Little Trash” scenario which pairs a small waste bin with a larger recycling bin helps reduce the amount of material in the trash increasing the collection rate of quality recyclable material by nearly 20 percent.

      This combination of specific-sized recycling and waste bins along with simple and clear signage was also a factor in achieving the 20 percent increase in office recycling rates.

      Busch Systems offers all of the recommendations from the study to help turn your office into a collection powerhouse. We have signage, posters and the perfect combination of small waste bins that can be coupled with larger recycling bins and deskside bins. With our assistance, your office can have it’s own “Little Trash” scenario which means recycling rates around the office will soar!

      Our Recycling & Waste Baskets paired with the Hanging Waste Basket – according to the study, this combination can raise recycling rates by 20%

      As it stands, there’s a huge divide in percentages when it comes to recycling at work compared to at home.

      In a national poll conducted about recycling behaviour, 87 percent of respondents said they typically recycle at home, but the rate of recycling at work drops considerably to 47 percent.

      By following the recommendations ascertained by the study, offices in the “Little Trash” scenario raised their recyclables from 65 to 85 percent, reduced the amount of recyclables in the trash from 29 to 13 percent and even reduced the amount of office paper waste to zero.

      A marked improvement over the national average of 47 percent!

      More information on the study can be found here.

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