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Monitor & Maintain

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Congratulations, you have successfully launched your new recycling program! Moving forward it will be key to monitor how things are going and make any necessary adjustments along the way.

Now that your recycling program is on its way, you can continue to input data into the Resource Center to keep track of your progress and achievements. Don’t get discouraged if things don’t work out at first. Using the tracking tools provided in the Resource Center, you will easily be able to pin point any areas that have been missed or adjustments that need to be made. Being flexible while making changes will allow your recycling program to flourish.

Analyze Your Results

We recommend conducting station audits daily so that you have the most accurate and up-to-date information about your program. Our suggestion is to get your custodial staff on board with the station audits so that they can conduct them as part of their daily routine.

While at first this may seem daunting, once it becomes part of the regular routine it shouldn't take up much of their time, and you will have access to glorious data that will keep your program on track!

Follow these steps when collecting Station Audit Data to be sure you have updated and accurate information.

We also recommend conducting a Composition Audit once every six months. This will make sure that your stream compositions are kept up to date and will allow the Resource Center to provide you with the most accurate information available.

Follow these instructions when collecting Composition Audit Data, and make sure you're wearing all the necessary Personal Protective Equipment during these audits.

Update staff and students on how the program is going using some of our marketing materials:

View Program Status
Email Template
View Program Status
View Program Status

Make Necessary Adjustments

After you've launched your program, you may find that not everything went exactly as planned. Some streams may be highly contaminated, some bins may be under-utilized, and some locations may be under-serviced. The good news is that by regularly analyzing your results, you know where the issues are! That makes it a whole lot easier to fix them.

Make adjustments to your program as it requires them. If it turns out that your signage isn't clear, consider replacing or modifying what you have. IF there are areas where the bins are overflowing, put larger bins there or add another station nearby! Unfortunately you can't predict exactly what will happen until people start using the program, so adjustments are often inevitable.

Remember, the road to #zerowaste isn't always easy, but it is definitely worth it! Continue to tweak your program until it works perfectly. And then, keep analyzing your results to make sure it stays perfect! With constant advancements in technology and changes in the recycling industry, there is always room for improvement!

If things don't seem to be going as planned and you think it is a user-related issue, try reminding staff and students about the program using some of our marketing tools:

View Program Reminder
Email Template
View Program Reminder
View Program Reminder

Publicize Your Success

Share your positive results, and even share the challenges you've gone through or that you're still trying to overcome! Share them not only with your staff and students, but with the world! Social media affords us with the opportunity to get our messages out in to the world whenever we want to. Become the inspiration for another school trying to do exactly what you've done!

Another way to share your success is to put together a Sustainability Report that you can put on your website and share with the world. Highlight what you've worked towards, any achievements, statistics, and goals for the future! Produce an updated report annually and you'll be able to look back on your Sustainability Story years from now!

Let us know about the successes you're having too by connecting with us on social media! We'll even re-share some of the positive messages you're trying to get out into the world!

Expand Your Efforts

Once you have met your waste reduction goal, that’s when you can pop the bottle of champagne and celebrate. Upon achieving your waste reduction goals your recycling program has been a complete success! BRAVO! But your job doesn’t have to end here, shift gears by broadening your team’s focus. Start new projects to make your campus even more green!

Some of your next projects may include:

Sustainable Energy Efforts
Purchasing Green Products
Transportation and Water Solutions
LEED Building Certification
Become a STARS Certified Campus

The possibilities are endless when it comes to campus sustainability!

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