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Launch & Train

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You’ve made it, you’ve got everything planned out and your're ready to take action and get your recycling program going! It’s time to share your hard work with the campus with an official launch to kick-off your recycling program!

It's time to get your campus set up and ready for the launch of your new Recycling Program! Distribute the containers to all divisions around campus, promote the launch of the program, and encourage staff & students to get involved!

Set Up Collection Stations

You've purchased the containers and chosen the signage and labelling that suits the needs of your campus and users best. Now it's time to set them up in their pre-determined locations, add the signage, and get recycling! Whether you have all new stations or some new and some previously existing stations, once you're set up and ready to go the recycling can begin!

Best Practices for Container Setup

Make sure you update any custodial staff that will be responsible for emptying the containers. This is important for two reasons, the first being that they need to know about any new locations they need to collect from. The second is that they may need to be shown how to empty some of the containers and replace the bags. Not every bin uses the same bag retention system.

Introduce the Program

Once the stations are set up, it's time to let everyone know that the new and improved Recycling Program has launched! Send out emails, put up posters, and blast out the launch on social media!

Check out our marketing materials to take advantage of our posters, brochures and e-mail templates to help announce the launch of your program!

View Program Kickoff
Email Template
View We're Starting to Recycle
View We're Starting to Recycle

When blasting out the launch of your program, you may want to include pictures of your actual Collection Stations so that users know what to look for when they go to dispose of their refuse. You can highlight what materials can and cannot go into each bin, and you can let users know where they can find stations around campus.

Encourage Users

Especially in the early stages of your program, it is essential that you encourage users to participate and get involved. Your program's success relies heavily on the people around campus - especially in the early stages! Down the road it should be easier and should become a natural part of your campus' culture, but for now, it is important to cheer people on every step of the way!

Make sure that your Sustainability Team members are champions of your program, using it effectively themselves and encouraging their peers and colleagues to do the same.

Try engaging staff and students through social media! Encourage them to take a picture of themselves recycling at one of the new stations on campus and share it on their social media using a hashtag you create. For example #recycleatUofE or #sustainableUofY. If your school has social media accounts, encourage users to tag you in their posts and re-share the best ones! Create a community of recyclers!

Reach out to us on social media too and we'll re-post some of our favorite posts each week!

Once you have launched your program and your users are aware of how it works, you are ready to move on to Step 6: Monitor & Maintain.

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