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Benefits Of Recycling For Property Managers

Thanks for tuning in to our newest vlog on Benefits of Recycling for Property Managers.

Did you know that in 2015 alone, there were 2.3 million US jobs created in Green construction employment. This staggering number is projected to rise to 3.3 million jobs in 2018!

So, for all of you property managers tuning in you’re probably wondering “why does recycling matter to me?” That’s exactly what we’re here to teach you. The two main benefits of recycling for property managers are:

  • • Cost savings
  • • Brand integrity

  • New this year to the province of Ontario, is a Food & Organic Waste Framework that requires multi-residential properties to have an organics program in place for its tenants. This is a prime example of how proper planning for recycling, waste and organics is beneficial. Think of this example from your perspective. If recycling isn't currently mandatory in your state, province or city, it may be in the future, just like the example we just gave for Ontario.

    By taking action during the development/construction stages of your building, you can help save time, money, and effort down the road. Plan for recycling now rather than waiting for it to become mandatory. This in the end may save you money if you develop an additional recycling chute in your building or rearrange some of your infrastructure to work with recycling.

    When considering a recycling program for your properties, it’s important to educate your tenants. What good is a recycling program if it isn’t used properly? It’s one thing to provide the recycling containers, it’s another thing to ensure that your recycling efforts are operating as efficiently as possible to minimize additional costs.

    Did you know that recycling could be included in your marketing efforts?

    Waste management programs count toward building certifications, including LEED certification and is considered a low-cost way to give your tenants a “green building experience.” Compared to conventional buildings, buildings that take sustainability considerations result in tenants being more satisfied, which lowers turnover of renters.

    Some key takeaways from this vlog are the three c’s of Best Management Practices for Property Managers:

  • • Convenience: making sure your containers are accessible to all residents
  • • Clarity: in terms of your labels and signage
  • • Co-location: that your containers are placed beside each other to minimize confusion

  • For additional tools to help implement or improve your recycling efforts as a property manager, check out our free How To Guides on the Resource Center. This How To Guide gives you step by step instructions on how to implement a stress-free and effective recycling program to your buildings!

    Additionally, we are offering a free webinar on Thursday, September 27th from 1:30-2:30 titled Recycling Best Practices for Property Managers.

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