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What is the National Sword?


A law imposed by China that bans the importation of certain types of solid waste, that was previously allowed. Setting a limitation of 0.5% contamination and banning the acceptance of low-quality plastics are just some example of the restrictions.

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China has been the largest importer of solid waste for many years. Before the National Sword was put in place it was easy for countries to send over their waste. Over the years, China slowly began to realize the effect that these imports have had on their country. The worsening environmental conditions have become a big worry for the Chinese government, causing them to re-evaluate their recycling industry. These conditions started to affect their air, water, and soil which began to threaten many lives. The imports of plastics have been a core reason behind this pollution. The Chinese government decided to act for the people of their county, thus the announcement of the National Sword.

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