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Keep your county beautiful with our extensive line of Recycling & Waste bins

Waste diversion is an important component of keeping your communities clean, it shows residents a commitment to the environment and when implemented successfully can be a great source of revenue. Busch Systems offers tons of indoor and outdoor bin options that are durable, customizable, easy to use and will fit perfectly into your waste diversion program.


Although recycling has incredible benefits to reducing your carbon output, avoiding disposal fees is one of the primary goals of a recycling program for your county. The more materials you reduce, reuse and recycle, the less waste you dispose. The less waste you dispose, the fewer trash bins or pickups are required, and the lower your disposal fees. Any way to decrease operating costs will add to your county’s/municipality’s/city’s/township’s bottom line, especially in the current economic climate.

Busch Systems has been crafting recycling and waste bins for counties and municipalities for over 30 years. In fact, our organization began in 1985 solely with counties, municipalities, cities and townships in mind. We started by offering the first curbside recycling bin that was durable enough to handle rigid Canadian winters. Then we included large outdoor centralized containers for public application and the rest is history!

Recycling Saves Counties Money

All recyclable materials are commodities and, as such, their value fluctuates. This is why a program should be built around cost avoidance rather than potential recycling revenues. Depending on your location, revenues from material value should offset the cost of your program; however, cost avoidance most often will have the largest long-term effect economically.

Over the last fiscal year, Palm Beach County recycled more than 83,000 tons of recyclables. As a result, in their 2015 fiscal year the county has paid more than $629,000 to the cities through its Municipal Revenue Share Program.

Since the Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach County started their Municipal Revenue Share Program in 2010, local municipalities have shared almost $8 million dollars.

Reducing Carbon Output through Recycling

In 2006, U.S. municipal solid waste (MSW) recycling resulted in the avoidance of nearly 183 million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (MMTCO2E) in GHG emissions.

In 2008, the Bureau of International Recycling conducted a large-scale study on the environmental benefits of recycling—focusing on metals and paper. Below is a chart outlining the CO2 savings (in kilotons) per 100,000 tons based on the entire lifecycle of each material.

While plastics and food waste play a significant role in carbon reduction via MSW, with the chart above, it’s not difficult to see the environmental benefits of recycling. According to the EPA, MSW is responsible for up to 5% of the planet’s total GHG emissions.

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Looking for a custom built container?

Bin customization is a fantastic way to personalize our containers and make them your own. We can easily customize our bins with colors, signage, labels and stamping to match your company’s specific brand.

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