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Outdoor Recycling & Waste Stations






Outdoor Recycling & Waste Stations Designed to Conserve Your Landscape

Keep your public parks, playgrounds, outdoor office spaces and downtown walkways litter-free with our wide-variety of outdoor trash cans and waste receptacles. We offer durable, stylish, outdoor waste receptacles that you can place strategically throughout your outdoor environment to tackle beverage containers as well as all types of refuse.

Outdoor Recycling & Waste Stations Designed to Conserve Your Landscape

Keep your public parks, playgrounds, outdoor office spaces and downtown walkways litter-free with our wide-variety of outdoor trash cans and waste receptacles.

In 2009, the nonprofit Keep America Beautiful (KAB) published a study of littering habits and an assessment of the cost of litter to taxpayers. Behavioral studies were performed on 10,000 individuals in 130 locations in 10 states. Surveys measured roadway litter in 45 metropolitan areas nationwide, as well as 180 non-roadway sample locations.

Though the report, which estimates a 61 percent reduction of litter during the past four decades, looks encouraging on the surface, KAB’s Great American Cleanup still logged 5.7 million volunteer hours collecting 76 million pounds of trash in 2010.

If all the refuse collected was dumped at the local landfill at the residential rate of $32 per ton, the tipping fee itself would be more than $1.2 million—a fee that varies widely from state-to-state. And that’s obviously not every piece of litter being collected.

We offer many outdoor collection station options to ensure your refuse is contained, out of sight and designed to increase collection efficiency to reduce costs such as:

  • Highly durable, powder-coated steel outdoor garbage stations and recycle bins
  • High density outdoor plastic recycle & waste containers that are sure stand up to severe weather and stay aesthetically pleasing for years
  • Outdoor refuse stations that are designed with recycled lumber and are 100% recyclable
  • A plethora of customization options such as ash urn lids, open top lids, mounting kits, signage for advertising and more

Better design increases participation rates. Recycling & waste stations should blend nicely with your outdoor environment as to not disrupt the natural flow of your space. Busch Systems refuse stations are designed to be noticeable to encourage participation rates, but also aesthetically pleasing—not disruptive.

Busch Systems out recycle & trash bins are perfect for your landscape because they are:

  • Designed to encourage disposal of recycling & waste while remaining aesthetically pleasing
  • Available in a wide-variety of shapes, styles & colors to match any outdoor space
  • Available in varying capacities to perfect servicing cycles and reduce costs
  • Easily customizable with many accessories such as ash urns, doggie waste bag dispensers, etc.
  • Our containers come in a variety of capacities that will keep you on top of your daily refuse output and are designed to increase participation rates and decrease contamination

More food for thought!

According to the Container Recycling Institute (CRI), since the first Earth Day in 1970, 2.8 trillion beverage containers have been landfilled, littered or incinerated in the United States. Many of the locations that these containers are consumed in are parks, roads, offices, public spaces, business fronts and venues that typically do not offer multi-stream collection.

“While all this beverage container waste has taken up landfill space, and has contributed to litter on our nation’s roads, parks, beaches and other public places…the more significant environmental impacts of wasting these containers are in replacement production. Had these 2 trillion containers been recycled, the equivalent of 800 million barrels of crude oil could have been saved, and the emission of an estimated 600 million tons of greenhouse gasses could have been avoided.”, the CRI states.

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Custom Recycling & Waste Containers
Looking for a custom built container?

Bin customization is a fantastic way to personalize our containers and make them your own. We can easily customize our bins with colors, signage, labels and stamping to match your company’s specific brand.

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