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An important component of a green home is Recycling & Waste Containers

Recycling at home offers a substantial benefit to yourself and your family, as well as the environment. This selection of home recycling, waste and organics bins offers everything you'll need to make a significant impact on the environment without sacrificing commercial quality, durability and design. If you have any questions about how to start recycling, what to recycle or how to decide which bin will be right for you, always feel free to ask us through the contact us section of our website.


It’s where everyone gathers at a party, where friends and family members come to unwind and enjoy good food and good company. But it’s ALSO the place of a ton of waste production!

Recent research notes that as much as 30% of food waste (worth around $48 billion), is thrown away in the US each year. To break that down, the average household discards about 470 pounds of food each year – about $600 worth! Taxpayers all over the country are paying millions of dollars to get rid of food that most likely could have been composted.


But food waste doesn’t just affect landfills. Throwing away food also means throwing away the resources to grow, ship and produce it which includes large volumes of water, a precious resource. For example and according to some sources, in the US, the amount of water loss from this type of waste is similar to leaving a tap running and letting 40 trillion litres of water go down the drain.

Of course, all of this food waste doesn’t just come from the average kitchen but starting best practices and awareness in the home can hopefully lead to bigger changes. Busch Systems has great solutions to curb food waste and increase recycling in your home, we’re happy to help you get started today!


Life is hectic and making things easy in your home while you’re rushing to work, school, the gym or wherever else life takes you is the key to tackling kitchen waste. Many of our products we recommend for kitchen use are compact in size, well-labeled and color coded so the whole family knows what goes in what bin. When bins are clearly labeled and visible, people can make a quick choice to the right recycling or waste stream and go on with their day.

Given the amount of daily waste that is accumulated, our containers are also be easy to carry and empty so in most cases, even the kids can help take recycling and waste out to the centralized containers.

Finally, go the extra step and review the recycling and composting list put out by most Municipalities, a good way to refresh your memory and perhaps find some new ideas on what to compost!


While the most waste is created in the kitchen, recyclables and trash are also sourced all over the home. Items such as used electronics, glass items, lightbulbs, batteries, bathroom products, yard trimmings…the list goes on!

There are several key steps to efficient home collection:

    1. What Can You Recycle? Check With Your Municipality!

Every different region has their own guidelines for what can be recycled and composted and familiarizing yourself with this information will certainly make life easier and your recycling decisions faster. Noting how difficult items such as batteries, electronics or household hazardous waste are collected is especially important to making sure these items don’t end up in your local landfill. Don’t forget, other items such as toys, furniture, clothing, etc. that are gently used may not have to hit the garbage can and could be donated instead.

    1. Storage Is Key!

You’ve determined what you can recycle; now find a place to store them. Most areas have household recycling collections and provide or arrange for at least one collection container. However, creating an efficient sorting system in your home will make life easier on recycling day. Systems with clear signage or labels along with adequate collection space and placed in a centralized area tend to make sorting simple and decrease what’s tossed in the trash.

    1. Timing Is Everything!

While you’ll likely already know what day your waste and recycling is collected, pay attention to schedule changes surrounding holidays, etc. so you can plan accordingly. As above, some areas have special collection days for items such as batteries, hazardous waste, etc.

    1. Other Tips For Success!

If your county requires items be rinsed prior to being put to the curb, try using the end of your dishwater to rinse and save water at the same time. Keep your kitchen compost bin on the counter so it’s handy to place scraps in at all times. If your area has recycling drop-off points for unique items, plan them into your weekend errands so you don’t have to make a special trip. Keep plastic bags so they can be reused…better yet, use cloth when possible and keep a stash in your car so they’re always ready for the grocery store. Place a recycling bin in the bathroom if you’ve got space to ensure those empty shampoo bottles always get where they’re supposed to go.

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