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Beauty and engineering excellence combine to create the ideal solution to sanitizer dispensing. Virtually maintenance free and without requiring power sources, the Xtrasafe is a high capacity dispensing solution that also communicates your custom messaging and branding. Position an XtraSafe station at strategic entry points for an effective solution to the need for a rigorous hand sanitizing protocol in your facility. Foot pedal activation makes it virtually contactless and touch-free. XtraSafe needs virtually no maintenance and does not require an electrical outlet or batteries. It uses a simple, mechanical foot-pump design that works with a gravity fed reservoir. One-way valves ensure constant pressure to keep sanitizer flowing. It comes fully assembled – you just pop it out of the carton, fill the reservoir, and it's ready to do its job. With an unusually high 5.5 litre capacity, XtraSafe ready to sanitize 3500 pairs of hands before it needs refilling! XtraSafe is a beautiful way to streamline safety at yo

  • LIFETIME WARRANTY - XtraSafe is designed for simplicity and reliability and built for durability, smooth function and long life. The body is powder-coated, anodized aluminum and the nozzle, pump and hardware is stainless steel. With no sensors or complex parts to break down, no servicing is required. Just fill with sanitizer and it's ready to do the job — beautifully. XtraSafe has been tested by running over 2,000,000 cycles to ensure bullet-proof quality.
  • COMPACT FOOTPRINT - XtraSafe's compact design means it uses minimal amount of valuable floor space – only about one square foot, far less than using a table with sanitizing bottles or a more conventional floor sanitizing unit. The base of the unit has three pre-drilled holes allowing it to be bolted down as needed.
  • 5.5 LITRE CAPACITY - With its large capacity, XtraSafe is ready to sanitize over 3,500 pairs of hands*. That's a long time between fill-ups! This makes it practical and convenient to use large size containers, which are proven to reduce plasti

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