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cleanli compact

The Cleanli™ Compact is a large capacity desktop wipes dispensing solution that expertly complements any professional decor. This lightweight, yet highly-durable wipes container is significantly easier to clean and maintain in comparison to stainless steel wipes dispensing alternatives. A non-marking base preserves your furniture while still ensuring sanitizing wipes are readily available in any location. Less expensive than similar stainless steel wipes dispensers on the market, this unit will meet all your needs while providing a long-lasting, upscale wipes dispenser.

  • CUSTOMIZABLE TO FIT WITHIN YOUR PROGRAM – With smooth surfaces, this container can be customized with labels that help communicate your program.
  • PORTABLE AND FLEXIBLE – This tabletop unit is a non-permanent solution for areas with high-touch surfaces and can be moved for cleaning purposes or relocated to other areas when needed.
  • ALL SIZES OF WIPES - The Cleanli™ Compact accommodates any size of bagged or hard-shell wipes up to 10 inches in diameter, allowing you to dispense a variety of products based on your need.
  • SECURE AND SEAMLESS WIPES DISPENSING - The wipes dispenser contains airflow to keep wipes from drying out and features plastic teeth that meet the perforated edges of the wipes to help ensure only one wipe is dispensed per pull.
  • CONTEMPORARY DESIGN TO COMPLEMENT YOUR SPACE - Maintain a clean and sleek, stainless-steel look without the cost. Its powder-coated steel exterior is scratch-resistant, easy to clean, and avoids fingerprints.

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