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Seeking Colleges and Universities for Research Project


Barrie, Ontario, October 2nd 2018 – Colleges and Universities are invited to pilot innovative collection programs for best practice case studies.

Busch Systems is seeking colleges and universities in the US or Canada interested in piloting and documenting the impact of new collection systems to improve recycling and organics recovery. Interested schools will complete a questionnaire for one of five collection systems they are willing to implement on a pilot or broader basis. Busch Systems will provide free bins and technical support to the selected campuses to help measure changes to waste recovery, contamination levels, and labor and cost savings. The results of the pilot projects will be published as case studies to support other schools make similar improvements.

Deadline for Proposals: October 19, 2018

Apply Now:

Busch Systems wants to work with a handful of selected colleges and universities to document the impact of the following practices in real-world conditions:

  • Practice #1: Small trash / large recycling baskets in staff & faculty workspaces

Revamp existing deskside bin arrangement to offer a normal-size recycling basket with a small, hanging trash basket. The new arrangement may also include alterations to custodial collection service.

  • Practice #2: Organics collection from office/ academic/housing buildings

Introduce new food organics bins to the existing trash and recycling collection stations at centralized, indoor, non-dining locations.

  • Practice #3: Removing classroom bins in favor of consolidated stations
    Reorganize collections from academic buildings, removing decentralized containers from classrooms in favor of centralized hallway waste stations.
  • Practice #4: Test special bin signage to motivate participation
    Use special signs placed above recycling and waste bins with educational/promotional messaging encouraging recycling behavior.
  • Practice #5: Propose your own idea!
    Schools are invited to propose a collection practice designed to increase waste recovery they are interested in testing.

Expectations for Campus Partner

  • Implement one of the new practices on a pilot or broader basis during the 2018/19 academic year.
  • Coordinate all internal stakeholder approvals.
  • With support from Busch Systems, conduct waste audits and track related performance metrics before and after project implementation.
  • Conduct education campaign in support of new collection practice.
  • Collaborate with Busch Systems to document the project in a written case study and possible future presentations to professional audiences.
  • Sign a release of information form

Support from Busch Systems

  1. Free collection bins to implement projects. Exact number and style of containers is dependent on the specific project but will generally be appropriate for a pilot in a handful of locations.
  2. Consultation on implementing the project and measuring impact.

For additional information contact:

Alec Cooley,

Busch Systems International, Recycling Made Simple.

Busch Systems has been a prominent designer and retailer of recycling, waste and composting containers for over 30 years, leading the way with an innovative and continually expanding catalog. As part of their commitment to the environment, all products are 100% recyclable and proudly made in North America. Busch Systems is also the creator of the Resource Center, a ground-breaking recycling and waste collection analytics software application.