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Hotels & Resorts

Busch Systems has been designing recycling and waste bins for over 30 years!

Our experience working with hotels and resorts has taught us two things. 1. Hotels & Resorts generate more waste than most realize. The average hotel guest creates about 2.2 lbs of waste per stay and more than half of it is paper, plastic and cardboard. 2. Containers need to be durable and practical for everyday use, yet aesthetically pleasing to suit each hotels’ unique décor. Hotel operators should consider implementing a proper recycling & waste program to maximize their ROI on removal.

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LEED Points

Busch Systems' recycling & waste solutions can help support your LEED point program. Find out how today!

Webinar: The Behavioral Psychology of Recycling

This webinar explores how our decisions in relation to recycling and sustainability can be swayed by behavioral patterns. How does the mind perceive signage.

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