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You don’t need to sacrifice recycling to save space - our bins will help

Apartments may come with limited living space, but that lack of space doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice sustainability. Busch Systems offers bins that are a perfect fit for any apartment. From the kitchen to the bathroom, these bins are stackable and small so you can keep on recycling without taking up precious floor space!


The problem with recycling in apartments/condos/multi-family complexes is tied to a larger problem of increasing a sense of community and neighborhood within high-rise buildings. Higher levels of anonymity and individualism are produced simply by the physical design of the buildings. Therefore residents are disconnected from their waste, but also from their sense of shared responsibility to recycle. This inevitably leads to lower recycling rates.

Busch Systems and our specifically designed containers for apartments can help with this!

Apartments/Multi-Family Complexes are Behind

In a recent study, researchers found that the current diversion for Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 2014 were 68% for single-family residential buildings, compared to only 30% for multi-residential buildings.

Part of this is to do with infrastructural reasoning. Many high-rise buildings that are 30+ years old have garbage chutes, but no recycling chutes. Although by-laws have been passed in recent years to add recycling requirements to new developments and to improve old ones, the biggest hindrance for apartment residents is still the problem of inconvenience.

How We Can Help

Busch Systems and our specifically designed containers for multi-family complexes with limited space can help with this! We offer centralized containers that can be placed underneath your garbage chute, in hallways or in lobbies for recycling, waste & organics. We also offer a variety of compact and stackable containers for each individual apartment/condo and its residents.

This is one example of how we can tackle the problem of convenience for individual residents, but each high-rise/low-rise building has unique issues. Take a look at our stock bins by clicking the button below and feel free to contact us any time so we can help solve your waste & recycling issues.

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Looking for a custom built container?

Bin customization is a fantastic way to personalize our containers and make them your own. We can easily customize our bins with colors, signage, labels and stamping to match your company’s specific brand.

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