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Becoming a green office is simple with Recycling & Waste containers

When it comes to waste and recycling collection in the office, Busch Systems has got you covered with a wide range of Office Recycling and Waste Bins. Available in a vast array of sizes, colours and materials, from industrial simplicity to sophisticated finishes, these bins will meld seamlessly into any office environment. Our Office Waste and Recycling Bins will increase collection and get employees excited about recycling!


Although office buildings do not have the same issue as apartments in regards to anonymity and individualism—which leads to a lack of responsibility and lower recycling rates—they share the issue of convenience.

In a busy office, no one has the time to sit around and figure out what material goes in which recycling, waste or organics container. Nor does an individual always have the time to walk to a centralized recycling and waste station to discard their waste, recyclables or compostables.

Our 30 years of experience in office recycling—paired with a recent study by Keep America Beautiful—has shown us that a combination of centralized and deskside recycling and waste collection is the key to sustainability success. This knowledge has led us to design a number of recycling, waste and organics containers perfectly suited for the office environment.

Improving Office Recycling Rates

In a national poll conducted about recycling behavior, 87% of respondents said they typically recycle at home, but the rate of recycling at work drops considerably to 47%.

By following the recommendations ascertained by the 2014 study, offices in the “Little Trash” scenario raised their recycling rate from 65 to 85 percent, reduced the amount of recyclables in the trash from 29% to 13% percent and even reduced the amount of office paper waste to zero!

A marked improvement over the national average of 47 percent!

Saving Your Organizations Money by Recycling

Recycling saves money by reducing the cost of disposal fees and gaining the value of the recycled materials once they’re recycled.

In 2011, Lockheed Martin conducted a recycling audit of their office in Moorestown, NJ. In one year they found that by simply recycling their cardboard and paper, they reduced their landfill costs by $10,834.32. By recycling Co-mingled Bottles & Cans, they saved an additional $1,783.77.

Americans discard 4 million tons of office paper every year – enough to build a 12-foot high wall of paper from New York to California. According to the Worldwatch Institute, only 45% of paper is recycled.

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Custom Recycling & Waste Containers
Looking for a custom built office container?

Bin customization is a fantastic way to personalize our containers and make them your own. We can easily customize our bins with colors, signage, labels and stamping to match your company’s specific brand.

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