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coffee cup collector series
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Coffee cups are often improperly discarded – with millions ending up in the waste stream each year. Busch Systems has come up with a solution…the Coffee Cup Collector!

Lids, cups and any excess liquids are separated by three easy to empty compartments, stemming the flow of cups to the landfill.


Features of the Coffee Cup Collector include:

• Oval-shaped cup compartment forces users to remove lid
• Fitted with internal liners to separate streams
• Liquid compartment fitted with grate, reducing contamination
• Custom signage options available such as: wraps, decals or in-mould graphics

Get an in-depth look at the Coffee Cup Collector Recycling Container with the spec sheet located below.

Modify the Coffee Cup Collector to fit your waste and recycling needs with:

• Custom Wraps & Wraps
• In-mould graphics

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