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Convenience, cleanliness, and efficiency in one sleek container. The Cleanli™ GO is the perfect solution for wipes dispensing and waste collection in any space. This space-saving container supports the dispensing of any hardshell or large roll wipes(up to 10” in diameter), with a finish that resists corrosion due to the sanitizing fluid. It’s smart, ergonomic design means that the unit is easy to service, with the handle on the waste container always standing up, keeping employees away from contaminated waste. Easily remove the GO from the body for a portable wipes dispensing option.

  • MAINTAINS A PROFESSIONAL LOOK - Powder-coated steel exterior is scratch-resistant, easy to clean, and avoids fingerprints.
  • ERGONOMIC HANDLE - A handle on the waste bin liner stays clean and above it all. Employees don’t have to dive into the bin looking for the handle that has been exposed to everything that has gone into the waste bin.
  • CUSTOMIZE TO COMPLEMENT YOUR PROGRAM - With smooth surfaces, this container can also be customized with labels that help communicate your program.
  • PORTABLE AND FLEXIBLE – The contained top of the unit can easily be removed from the body and used as a portable, lightweight wipes dispenser for tabletop or non-permanent placement in areas with high-touch surfaces.
  • SAVE YOUR SPACE - This compact container is the perfect size for any public space. The 4-gallon liner allows for convenient collection, easy servicing, and more room for décor and furniture.
  • ALL SIZES AND TYPES OF WIPES - The Cleanli™ GO accommodates any size (up to 10 inches in diameter) of bagged, wet, dry, or

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