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Arenas & Convention Centers

Knock Your Diversion Rates Out of The Park!

As far back as 2013, it was estimated that over 17 million people attended professional league games and over 48 million attended college matches — that adds up to over 65 million fans consuming and discarding waste … about 20,000 tons annually. Simply put, high traffic areas require high capacity waste and recycling stations.For Stadiums and Convention Centers, be sure to choose containers that are durable, highly functional and the right capacity for the job at hand. Rotationally molded products are also built to last! This means they will not rust or dent and can withstand the day to day use and misuse your visitors will hand out.

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LEED Points

Busch Systems' recycling & waste solutions can help support your LEED point program. Find out how today!

GreenThinking Webinar Series

Recycling and Waste Management at Large Events. Lean strategies and best practices you can use to maximize your recycling efforts.

Case Study: Summerfolk Festival

Key findings from the waste audit conducted at the 43rd Summerfolk Festival in Kelso Beach Park, Owen Sound, Ontario.

Webinar: The Behavioral Psychology of Recycling

This webinar explores how our decisions in relation to recycling and sustainability can be swayed by behavioral patterns. How does the mind perceive signage.

Vlog: Sustainable Event Planning (Part 3)

This episode of our Green Thinking vlog series looks at waste management at significant events. Use these helpful tips for your next large event!

Sustainability and The Calgary Stampede

In order to maintain the integrity of our planet and our communities, the Calgary Stampede has formulated goals that will uphold community values and standards. Recycling best practices, energy saving technology, water safeguarding measures are a few of the efforts in place at the Stampede Park.

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