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SUMA: Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association Convention


Date: February 6, 2017 - February 7, 2017
Location: TCU Place | Saskatoon, SK

The 112th SUMA Convention has become the largest annual trade show of its kind in North America. The 2017 trade show will be held February 6-7, 2017 at TCU Place in Saskatoon and guess what? Busch Systems will be there too!

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In attendance from Busch Systems will be…



Regional Manager – Canada

An experienced vet with Busch Systems, Nick is the Captain of Team Canada and a more knowledgeable source for recycling solutions in the Great White North can’t be found, eh?  Nick’s laid-back, easy going style is paired with an intelligent sense of humor so pair those qualities with his expertise and we know that any Canuck customer in his hands will be well taken care of, no doubt about it (or, aboot it?). Another tidbit (see what we did there) about Nick? Regardless of the day or time of year, Nick’s desk is always filled with surprises! You might find a rubber ducky, Storm Trooper mask, inflatable swimming ring…and the list goes on.  This fun attitude at the office definitely makes Nick a favorite around here and as a devoted Dad and Slo-pitch teammate, we bet he’s a fav at home and on the field too.  So…we’re almost out of Canadian puns so we’ll have to put a lid (or a toque) on it but if you’re lucky enough to have Nick as your Account Manager, life will be as sweet as Maple Syrup.  Okay…we’ll stop now.

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