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APPA 2015: Annual Conference and Exhibition


Date: Tuesday, August 4, 2015
Location: Chicago, IL

After celebrating it’s 100th anniversary last year the APPA Annual Conference and Exhibition returns, this time to Chicago, IL,  from August 4-6 2015. The 101st installment of the APPA’s is bringing together over 500 professionals from the facilities management industry from across Canada, the United States and Mexico.

The focus of this year’s conference is determining the most pressing issues facing educational facilities and figuring out a path towards a more sustainable future. Over 100 presenters will be on hand to showcase the best practices used around the world at this premier event for educational facilities leaders.

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In attendance for Busch Systems will be:



Sustainability Specialist

Please meet the affable John Greenway who we are pleased to tell you is fluent in the language of English, the practice of Sustainability …and the art of Sarcasm!  Indispensable around our office for his never-ending wealth of product knowledge, this wisdom transfers seamlessly to his Consultant Services which elevate and advance Sustainability programs across the country. Not known for being shy (or quiet!), John’s famous wit is delivered with conviction and impeccable timing…if only he could say the same for his golf swing (that wasn’t sarcasm…it could use some work!).  John’s been a consistent favorite with clients for years so be it on the phone, at a tradeshow or otherwise, so going with Greenway is a decision you won’t regret (again, no sarcasm).

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Regional Manager – Northeast USA

If there ever comes a day where the future of Recycling comes down to a vocal performance, Jonny may be our only hope. This part time singer/songwriter is the loveable happy guy around the office who personifies team work and the ability to show off an extensive ball cap collection. This rare combination of both brains and brawn holds numerous championship titles in Golf, Football, Twitter Contests, Bowling, Fantasy pools, and office chair dancing. Being raised in a small town of a thousand people, Jonny has learned the value of appreciating small business, country music, epic one liners, and homemade Poutine. This and many reasons are why his customers in the Mid-West love doing business. Connect with Jonny and fight the battle for #zerowaste

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