As you begin to reopen in the wake of COVID-19, it can be overwhelming to ensure you are following government restrictions to keep your staff and the public safe. There are a lot of things to consider, so wouldn’t it be nice if there was a master list reference guide with all the answers?

We know how time-consuming it can be to find the best resources, so we’ve compiled a list of articles, guides, and posters that will help make your transition a breeze. This way you can spend less time searching and more time prepping to open!

Strategies for Reopening

Let’s start with your first Google search: “How to Reopen my business”, or something to that effect. That search would likely return a ton of information, which would be great if you had lots of time to read. Since that’s not always the case, we put together this list of guides and resources to get you started with your concrete plan for a smooth transition into reopening.

Reopening the Workplace

Workplace Readiness Checklist

Back to Business Flyer

CDC/FDA Information

The CDC and FDA have released a lot of information since the pandemic started, but some of their information is directed specifically at business owners looking to reopen. We thought you might like to see these recommendations in one convenient place!

CDC Guidance for Disinfecting

FDA Regulations for COVID Safety

Handwashing Posters and Infographics

You’ll notice a theme of hand hygiene recommendations in the resources listed above. Hand washing is one of the best ways to prevent the spread of viruses, making it an important safety aspect of your reopening plan. In order to educate your employees and the public to wash their hands properly, here’s a few free posters that you can print to use within your workplace.

World Health Organization Poster

Hand Hygiene Encouragement Poster

Infection Prevention Posters and Infographics

In addition to the handwashing posters, it’s just as important that your employees and guests prevent spreading in other ways when possible. This list features more free posters for your workplace that will provide tips on preventing infection.

Preventing Illness in the Office

Avoiding Germs in the Break Room

Cleaning and Disinfecting Resources

As you may have guessed, you will likely have to make adjustments to your cleaning and sanitizing processes within your business moving forward. This thought may seem overwhelming, but we think we’ve gathered some trustworthy resources to help you maintain a clean and safe environment within your workplace.

Sanitizing vs. Disinfecting Guide

Cleaning and Disinfecting Infographic

Waste and Recycling Resources

Just as you’ve made changes to your cleaning practices, your waste management program may look a little different now too. Here are a couple of resources to keep you caught up on how recycling and waste has changed in the pandemic to help you incorporate the changes into your reopening plan.

The Safety of Reuse During the Pandemic

Some of these Infographics and posters may inspire you to share personalized COVID-19 safety messages in your workplace. We encourage you to get creative with your messaging methods and share them with us! Anything from posters, to workbooks, to interactive demonstrations or videos, we look forward to updating this blog with many more resources in the future, and hope you’ll share any that you think are missing from this list!