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Wednesday March 1, 2023. 1:00pm-2:15pm EST

You’re working to design new labels or signage for your waste and recycling bins, but not sure how to move forward. What items are worth listing? Does it make sense to call out non-recyclable items? How should signage be displayed on bins? What gets presented on bin signage can have a big impact on recovery rates and contamination. With this Zoom event, Busch Systems’ Senior Advisor and recycling expert, Alec Cooley will be on hand to answer questions or simply be a sounding board for ideas you’re mulling over.

Organizers will select up to 10 registrants to participate in the live discussion, however anyone is welcome to listen to the discussions and offer their thoughts through the chat! Instructions on how to submit your questions are below.



The Resident Expert
Alec Cooley
Senior Advisor
Busch Systems

How This Works
“Office Hours” Format
Sometimes it helps to talk one-on-one about your direct situation. That’s the idea behind this set of periodic Zoom events, each related to a theme. Instead of a formal presentation, this will function like a professor’s office hours where people are invited to a 5-to 10-minute conversation with specific questions or challenges they’re facing. These conversations will take place in an open Zoom Meeting environment where other attendees are welcome to listen in and possibly offer their own suggestions.
How to Participate
To raise your labels and signage-related issue with Alec, complete the advance registration form and include a brief description of the situation you wish to discuss. If selected, you will receive an email in advance assigning the order and approximate time slot during the 1:00 to 2:00pm EDT window on March 1. Additional instructions will be provided to those confirmed for a discussion time slot. Participants are welcome to listen in to all the consultations or simply log in to talk during their assigned time slot. Additional non-scheduled “drop-in” participants may be invited to raise questions or issues if time allows. Anyone is welcome to listen to the discussions and offer their thoughts through the chat.


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