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On average, Americans composted and recycled 1.51 pounds out of our individual waste generation rate of 4.38 pounds per person per day.

The Upright Series bins are suitable for mid-traffic, recycling, composting and/or waste collection. The Upright Series containers are available in three sizes as well as a variety of customization options that will tailor the bins to the specific stream you are collecting.


Dark Green

The Upright Series includes:

• Compact size
• Add–on lids and handles for security and maneuverability
• Option to cut opening in the lid for different waste streams
• Mobius loop stamped on front
• Blue and green colors
• Clearview lid for 26 gallon Upright

Find all the specifications you need about the Upright Series Recycling Containers with the spec sheets located below.

Looking for accessories for the Upright Series? Below are the available add-ons for this product:

• Solid Lid
• Labels
• Clearview Lid (26UP Only)

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