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Some of the Greenest Campuses Around the Globe

From the United Kingdom, all the way to Malaysia, universities are putting an emphasis on going green and have...

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TOILET PAPER ROLLS 18, February 2016

Empty Toilet Paper Rolls? Upcycle Them! Here’s How…

It’s the little things in life that count and the same goes for recycling. For instance, some of the...

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Vintage football over grass 10, February 2016

How to Become a Mean, Green, Tailgate Party Machine

Tailgating. It’s an American institution, a tradition with a rich history dating back to when the Romans used to...

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barrie-downtown-reflection 10, February 2016

Big Ideas, Small Space – The Return of smOffice

Barrie may be a city, but it still maintains a small-town vibe. This is one of the many reasons...

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Dollarphotoclub_42425722 Cropped 08, February 2016

The Road to Getting Your Building LEED Certified

It’s time to take the lead, or should I say LEED on making our buildings greener! Thanks to LEED...

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Green Sports Alliance Header 04, February 2016

Campus Sustainability – Taking Athletics Green!

The dynamic duo of a strong offensive line and a tough defensive line make the ultimate powerhouse towards any...

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top of unopened can 03, February 2016

Can Crushers – A Dorm Roommate that Saves Space & Helps The Environment

If you live or have ever lived in a dorm or a smaller apartment, then you probably know how...

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Dollarphotoclub_42425722 Cropped 28, January 2016

What Happens to Your Recycling? The Sustainability Circle of Life

There are many mysteries in life, do aliens exist? Is Bigfoot real? What happens to my recycling after it’s...

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[CooL GuY] {{a2zRG}} 26, January 2016

Making Recycling Fun for Kids

We all know little kids love to mimic a parent’s actions. This can be a good thing, like emulating...

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CONCERT 26, January 2016

REVERB – Getting in Tune with The Environment

The touring side of the music industry can be carbon intensive operation. Between the fuel needed for tour trucks,...

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