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Form and function combine effortlessly with Designer Recycling & Waste Bins

Who says recycling and waste containers can't be practical and look great? Our lines of Designer Recycling and Waste Containers are a perfect pairing of looks and functionality. With a multitude of options including signage, colour, size, finishes and openings, this group of bins will find a perfect fit any waste and recycling program in a multitude of locations and industries.


The “broken window” theory exists in waste collection and we know that well-designed environments create better behaviors. This is why for over 30 years, Busch Systems has helped designers and architects with the functionalism of recycling and waste collection within their space—so you can maintain focus on form. We offer a design partnership with a plethora of advantages to ensure that implementing recycling and waste collection within your designs goes off without a hitch.


All of our recycling containers are designed with durability in mind and are subject to vigorous testing in applicable conditions. Building our containers with durable materials helps the environment by conserving resources, reducing wastes and diminishing the environmental impacts of repair and replacement. For the customer, this also means less time and money spent managing their collection program and more time spent making a positive environmental impact.

Durability equals Sustainability. Busch Systems manufactures its containers with durable materials to help the environment by conserving resources, reducing wastes and diminishing the environmental impacts of repair and replacement.


Well-designed environments create better behaviors. A combination of a beautifully designed space coupled with easily accessible, properly labeled and centrally located recycling bins equals a win for sustainability. That being said, you may have a space that needs a custom-designed container. If this is the case, feel free to give us a call and we can talk about how we can help!

Sustainability Specialist

LEED provides guidelines for the amount of space dedicated to recycling collection within a facility. It is in the best interest of your recycling program to have several locations equipped with recycling bins to make it easy for employees to participate in your collection program.

If you’re working on a large project that requires a specialist to assess the collection program, we’re available any time to educate your team about your recycling & waste blueprint. We’ve worked on-site, via phone, email and via Skype with many large organizations to help improve their collection program by mapping out the best locations for collection.

Also, the use of Busch Systems containers for Recycling & Waste collection contributes to LEED points. Click the button below for more information about how our bins help achieve those points.

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Leed Points

Using Busch Systems Recycling & Waste Bins in Millwork

At Busch Systems, we pride ourselves on our ability to produce customized containers for a wide variety of collection programs. Using our containers for millwork applications is no exception. We work with numerous clientele that need containers designed to fit with their pre-designed building materials. Below are some of the specifications for our most popular bins used as pull-outs or pivot-outs, within drawers, or as recessed containers custom designed into cabinetry.

Sustainable Products

The amount of recycled content used in our containers is extremely important to our overall company goals of helping ourselves and our customers achieve sustainability.

All Busch Systems containers are 100% recyclable. Some of our containers use up to 99% recycled content and most containers have at least 65% recycled content. The minimum standard we have set for our containers is 25% to ensure we’re achieving a high level of sustainability while meeting the highest durability standards.

Durability is a key component of sustainability. Achieving 100% recycled content is fantastic, but if that product does not last, the goal of sustainability is not met. This is due to the fact that more products have to be recycled, manufactured and shipped, meaning a larger carbon footprint and a less-sustainable product line.

Every year, we look to improve our minimum standard and you can watch our progress on our sustainability page to see how well we’re doing!

Visit our Sustainability Page


Well-Designed Recycling & Waste Collection Saves Money

Seattle’s Westin Hotel (Aka the Green Hotel) overhauled their sustainability program in 1993 to include recycling the standard commodities, along with kitchen grease. Today, 30% of the hotel’s waste is recycled, equaling 280 tons annually with a combined savings and revenue from recycling totaling over $30,000 per year.

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Custom Recycling & Waste Containers
Looking for a custom built designer container?

Bin customization is a fantastic way to personalize our containers and make them your own. We can easily customize our bins with colors, signage, labels and stamping to match your company’s specific brand.

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