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A multi-stream collection bin perfect for busy indoor and outdoor environments, the Pavilion comes with scratch-resistant openings, signage and labels – that can be changed for evolving collection programs without the cost of replacing bins.

Front facing, interchangeable doors allow for customizability and easy access for collection.





Features of the Pavilion recycling and waste containers include:

• Front door access with locks
• Interchangeable, scratch resistant openings.
• Three 22 Gallon, easy-fit liners
• Made with 66-99% recycled content
• Rotationally moulded for added durability

Get an in-depth look at the Pavilion Recycling and Waste Containers with the spec sheet located below.

Modify your Pavilion Recycling Containers to fit your waste and recycling stream needs with:

  • Custom Signage
  • Custom Labels
  • Interchangeable Openings and Doors
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