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03 March 2015

Green Schools National Conference 2015 – Bringing Sustainable Innovations To Schools All Over the US

The Green Schools National Conference is almost upon us! This one of a kind conference brings together experts and leaders in sustainability to improve the recycling and waste efforts of school districts and learning institutions. The GSNC is a great place for experts and newbies in the industry to get together and share their experiences in kick starting sustainability programs, ... [Read more]
10 February 2015

Anaerobic Digestion – A Green Energy Solution Fuelled by Your Table Scraps

You may or may not have heard of Anaerobic Digestion (AD). For those of you that have, kudos on your knowledge of green energy alternatives. For those of you who haven’t, it’s ok, that’s why you’re here. Anaerobic Digestion may sound like working out on a full stomach (never a good idea) but it’s actually a process where organic materials ... [Read more]
Grants and Loans Blog
03 February 2015

Recycling and Sustainability Grant & Loan News Bites

Ogle County Offering Clean-Up Day and Waste Reduction Recycling Grants Where: Ogle County, Ohio Funds Available: Clean Up Day Grant – Max of $2,000 per project. Waste Reduction Recycling Grant – $6,000. Date to Apply: March 6th, May 8th, July 10th, or September 3rd while funds are available Clean Up Day Grant – Cities, villages and townships located in Ogle County, ... [Read more]
28 January 2015

Recycling Grants for 2015 and Beyond

Clean Tennessee Energy Grant Program Where: Tennessee Funds Available: $5.28 million Application Deadline: January 30th 2015 The purpose of the Clean Tennessee Energy Grant Program is to provide funding to programs that lower pollutants and greenhouse emissions in the State of Tennessee. Applications for grants will be accepted from: Municipal governments County governments Utility districts Entities created by statute (an ... [Read more]
School Recycling
27 January 2015

It’s Elementary – Starting A Recycling Program for Schools Grades K-12

Starting a recycling program for your school is a no-brainer, schools have a lot of people creating a high volume of waste, a large proportion of which can be diverted from landfills. So if you school doesn’t have a recycling program, what are you waiting for? Busch Systems is here to give you a step-by-step guide to implementing a successful ... [Read more]